About us

U 3rd Age (University of the Third Age) encourages senior citizens to seek meanings in their life, through lifelong learning and social networking. It is by sharing experiences and making friends – regardless of whether they are rich, highly educated, or had held high job positions – that happy and active ageing is achieved.

U 3rd Age is an environment where respect for life as a learning journey – making mistakes, missing opportunities, and learning to understand each other’s wisdom and cultural values. It is also the place where café conversations on health care, wealth creation, and spiritual development are held. It is such activities that contributed to one’s developmental learning.

U 3rd Age is a Core Group Member of the Asia Pacific Alliance which endorses U3A Conferences held in Asia-Pacific. It is linked worldwide, through the portal www.worldu3a.org. It had played host to overseas U3A friends visiting Singapore. And, we look forward to more such exchange visits.

U 3rd Age offers community learning for senior citizens (age 50 years-old and above) through short courses for self-improvements and self-learning on appreciation of cultural arts to coaching for life-skills. Some of these courses are: 

1)  Learner’s Autonomy Profile (LAP);

2)  Guided Autobiography (GAB);

3)  Creative Writing for senior citizens;

4)  Core Health (the Quantum Way to Inner Power);

5)  Talks on ‘Retirement Planning’ (through wealth creation); Metaphysics (Bazi), Chinese Arts and Ethics, and

6)  Health exercises – qigong exercise, stretching exercises.

Under the U3A network, courses are also available from Australia’s U3A OnLine
(www.u3aonline.org.au) which offers more then 40 courses for U3A members worldwide.