Ping Shuai (Level Arm Swing) Qigong – Nov Wed 2pm

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Qigong is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intentions.  Qigong exercises can help you with your digestion, backaches, leg and knee pains, and many other illnesses. The key to long-term health therefore lies in enhancing the free circulation of “qi” to increase stability and peacefulness of mind.

  • What is Qigong
  • Health Benefits of Qigong
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Guided Meditation

About Mr Thomas Kuan
Thomas Kuan was introduced to Ping Shuai Qigong (Level Arm Swing) when he met Master Lee Feng-San Shifu in Taiwan in 2013. Since then, he had helped to promote this qigong in Singapore. He is certified Ping Shuai Qigong facilitator. 

Date : 1 and 8 Nov 2017 (Wednesday) 
Time : 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Venue : 10 Square @ Orchard Central Level 10
Fee payable : $13.00 per participant 

Attire : Dress comfortably, not too tight and preferably flat shoes, sports shoes or sandals. 

Class will start with minimum 8 participants

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