Guided Autobiography (GAB) Oct/Nov Friday 1.30pm

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Guided Autobiography (GAB) is all about your life stories, life reviews, reminiscences, memoirs, and more. GAB is a powerful, holistic and informal process through reflective learning of our own experiences. It is based on our understanding of ourselves, within the context of an interaction of memory, personal reflection and the present perspective. It is also a reminiscence and review of our life journeys, where we learn to understand how and why past events occurred and how to live for the present moment. Recording of one’s life experience by GAB process is one way of ageing with dignity.

Theme 1 : Major Branching Points of Your Life 
Theme 2 : History of Your Family 
Theme 3 : Role of Money in Your Life 
Theme 4 : History of Your Life & Career Work 
Theme 5 : History of Your Body and Health 
Theme 6 : Your Goals and Aspirations

About Charles Wu and Thomas Kuan
Charles Wu has been in the healthcare industry for most of his career and worked as laboratory technologist and care coordinator in National University Hospital (NUH) since 2000. After retirement in 2015, he actively pursues his passion in acting, and also volunteers in cancer survivors support groups. He is currently writing his story for his family and friends after attending the Guided Autobiography (GAB) workshop in March last year.

Thomas Kuan is passionate about writing autobiographies and believes that seniors can share their experiences and wisdom through their life stories. Being a certified GAB Facilitator, he has been conducting GAB since 2010. He hopes that more seniors are encouraged to be GAB facilitators.

Dates : 20, 27 Oct, 3, 10 Nov 2017 (Friday)
Time : 1.30pm to 4.30pm
Venue : 10 Square @ Orchard Central Level 10 
Fee payable : $19 per participant (includes set of course notes)

Class will start with minimum 8 participants

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