SING LIT 101 @ The Arts House


Literary scholar and poet Dr Tan Chee Lay will be giving three lectures on poetry, novel and essay with each lecture focusing on contemporary Singapore Chinese literary works. Join Dr Tan as he takes you on a literary journey to understand and appreciate Singapore Chinese literature. He will be introducing you to three prolific Singaporean writers – Zhou Can, Yeng Pway Ngon and Wong Yoon Wah. If you have always wanted to learn more about Chinese literature, here’s a great way to start!

Please note all sessions will be held in English.

Sing Lit 101 is an ongoing literary series at The Arts House that celebrates the life and power of Singapore literature in the four languages and in different genres. The series includes talks by noted scholars and writers, as well as discussions to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of Singapore literature.






Apr 19,
11am – 1pm
Introducing Singapore Chinese Essay: Reading Zhou Can 周粲In the Chinese literary world, essay and prose are considered a major genre. Dr Tan Chee Lay will kickstart the first session with Cultural Medallion winner Zhou Can’s essay Two Wooden Trunk Boxes (两口箱子). The widely acclaimed writer has published more than 80 works including poetry, short stories, essays and children’s literature. Dr Tan will be sharing more about Zhou Can’s simple yet profound writing accompanied by recordings.散文是华文文学中较受重视的一种文体。这期的活动将讨论新加坡文化奖得主周粲的《两口箱子》。这篇散文表现出他成熟与高超的写作风格。周粲通过两个代代相传的箱子,讨论了情感包袱、回忆和家庭传统等主题。陈志锐博士将运用周粲的录音对他的其他作品及本地文学进行分析。 
Apr 26,
11am – 1pm
Introducing Singapore Chinese Short Story: Reading Yeng Pway Ngon 英培安Yeng Pway Ngon (1947 – ), poet, novelist, playwright and critic, is one of Singapore’s most internationally acclaimed authors, having published over 25 volumes of poetry, essays, fiction, plays and literary criticisms. He has been translated to English, Malay and Dutch. In this second session, Dr Tan will be discussing Yeng’s short story The Misdelivered Mail (寄错的邮件), which has garnered much attention and discussion. The author will be present to answer some questions during the lecture.英培安被誉为本地最有国际地位的华文作家。他创作了超过25本小说、诗词、文学评论及散文。英培安的《寄错的邮件》得到许多关注与讨论。英培安将出席这堂课与陈志锐博士分析以及讨论《寄错的邮件》深刻的意义。
May 3,
11am – 1pm
Introducing Singapore Chinese Poetry: Reading Wong Yoon Wah 王润华Prof Wong Yoon Wah (1941 – ), veteran writer, contemporary poet and scholar, has published over 20 books and over 50 articles on Chinese literature. Join Dr Tan as he closes this Sing Lit 101 season on Chinese literature with a focus on Wong’s poems on raintrees (samanea saman). Raintrees are large and majestic trees that are typically seen along Singapore roads. The lecture will be accompanied by first-hand research materials and video recordings of Wong.王润华博士在中华联邦中是一位著名的学者。陈志锐博士将朗读以及讨论王润华博士具有南洋特色的诗词。他将参考王润华博士的作品,并以《雨树神话》为新华文学101作总结。这首诗描绘了新加坡路上富有代表性的雄伟大树。 



The Arts House Turns 10 and “disappears”


The Arts House celebrates its 10th Anniversary by “disappearing” from the scene!

In a tongue-in-cheek celebration of its 10th year milestone, The Arts House creates an alternative universe/history where a mega bookstore (The Next Page) has taken over the premises from its previous tenants – a dance club and a posh 5-star boutique hotel!

Conceptualised as an immersive visual and performance installation that takes over the entire building, The Next Page is the anchor show of our 10th celebrations. Audiences will be immersed in a House of re-imagined histories through site-specific performances written and performed by some of Singapore‟s brightest and emerging talents.

Enjoy a special promo when you purchase more than 10 tickets – $5 per ticket!

For more details on this event, click here.

The Next Page-2


Silver Writing ~ Your Own Folk Tale

Silver Writing aims to provide lifelong learning for senior citizens through the art of creative writing. This 10-session programme is especially catered for seniors who are interested in writing and storytelling.

Organised by The Arts House in collaboration with U 3rd Age (University of the Third Age), the weekly workshops provide seniors with the basic tools of creative writing, as well as opportunities to visit Singapore’s historical places of interest to gain inspiration for their writing. They will also get to meet both local and international writers with a special trip to the Singapore Writers Festival in November! Seniors will also get a chance to read their completed works in a special showcase at the end of the programme at The Arts House.

This pilot programme uses fairytale and folk tale as a starting point for the writing exercises. Drawing on the stories they grew up with, seniors can learn to craft them into a story and tell them to their grandchildren.

Silver Writing Program

For more information on the sessions schedule, please visit the link below : ~
Program Schedule at The Arts House

Ticketing Info & Show Times

Venue: Blue Room,Living Room,Play Den
Event Timing: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Starting Date: 01 Oct 2013
End Date: 02 Dec 2013
$50 (for 10 sessions, inclusive of Singapore Writers Festival 2013 Pass)
Tickets are available at

Session Dates :
1, 8, 18, 22, 29 Oct
5, 12, 22, 26 Nov
2 Dec
9.30am – 12.30pm

Please feel free to contact us or The Arts House for tickets.
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